Game of Thrones Has SOME Budget Limitations

Sometimes, it’s hard to see where HBO comes up with the money for all the different scenes in Game of Thrones. Keep in mind the number of locations: Winterfell, the Wall, King’s Landing, the Eyrie (no way THAT was cheap), the plains east of the Narrow Sea where the Dothraki ride their horses.

It’s still a mystery to me how HBO managed to shoot it all — it was like a Lord of the Rings budget, with LOTR’s elaborate sets all over New Zealand.

However, as George R.R. Martin tells us in a recent vlog, HBO does know what it’s doing as far as keeping things realistic. He wanted to shoot the “Calling the Banners” sequence with not only the ravens departing, but also the ravens being received at all the different spots.

Source: The WONDERFUL site


Does that remind you at all of this from Lord of the Rings?


Wow! In this poster’s opinion, that was a prime example of why Lord of the Rings is the best fantasy film series of all-time. Well done, Peter Jackson! And kudos to HBO that we can compare the two.


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