Character Summary – Sandor Clegane

Image by Araiwein

Sandor Clegane, nicknamed “The Hound,” is member of the House Clegane.  He is the younger brother of the unmerciful Ser Gregor Clegane, who purposely burned Sandor’s face in a brazier when they were kids, causing freakishly gruesome facial scarring on one side of his face, thus the reason for his nickname, among other things.

In a tournament, he saved Ser Loras Tyrell’s life, blocking Gregor’s sword and having to battle him instead.  He was able to win the tournament.

He also becomes entranced with Sansa Stark, although she can barely look at him due to his scars.

Image by Gold-Seven

And even though he teases her, calling her “little bird,” he still keeps her from too much trouble with Joffrey Baratheon, her betrothed.  He is assigned to the Kingsguard and Joffrey often has him watch over Sansa.  Despite his mannerisms, he is still more respectful to Sansa than Joffrey is.

Image by Ammotu

Rory McCann plays Sandor Clegane in the series.  He does the character justice in the show, although I’m curious to see how he does juggling between Sandor’s gentle side and his somewhat stalker side in the upcoming season.


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