Twinter is Coming – Samwell Tarly

We thought long and hard about who to kick off our ‘Twinter is Coming’ #fakewesteros series with, and naturally, we decided on the lovable, somewhat-pudgy-but-surprisingly-fierce Samwell Tarly. He may not always get people’s respect, and his fighting skills might be a little suspect for a guardian of the Night’s Watch, but he’s one hell of a funny tweeter. We think you’ll really enjoy this opening interview!

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Part I: Samwell Tarly
Part II: Tyrion Lannister
Part III: Sansa Stark
Part IV: Cersei Lannister
Next: Theon Greyjoy

If you saw a White Walker, a wildling, and Joffrey Lannister eating scones and muffins north of the Wall, what would you do?

Samwell Tarly: This is a trick question, so I wrote it on some parchment and left it on Maester Aemon’s desk, as soon as he sees it, he’ll help me answer. I’m much more clever than I appear, there’s no way you can fool me. Jon says I should be more brave and I’m trying so WHAT KIND OF SCONES OKAY I LOVE SCONES I WOULD STEAL THEM ARE YOU HAPPY NOW.

Now.  Now you have me crying.  No I’m not.  Men of the Night’s Watch don’t cry and I’m not crying it’s just the wind.  The wind can get pretty bad when you live in the shadow of a 700 foot wall of ICE. It’s very cold.  Cold wind.

(Okay I’m crying but what kind of scones seriously)

What made you decide to become Samwell Tarly? Is there something you identify with him or is this just a fun escape?

Samwell Tarly: #OOC. One of my friends said I should follow twitter accounts like @JonBastSnow and @RickonStark and @SuddenlySandor because he thought they were well done and I guess he thought I would be the kind of dude who would like some weirdo pretending to be someone else on twitter.

My first reaction was, its kind of creepy/sad, y’know?  Who really has enough time to role play a character from a fantasy book and soon to be TV show?  Right?  Only superfan shipper nerds and dudes who live in their parent’s basements that run fan sites.

It turns out I live in my parents basement and I was thinking about running a fan site based on other peoples fan sites, a sort of meta fan site, so I was perfect creeper/nerd/weirdo/shipper to role play on Twitter.  That, and I saw the amount of followers that the accounts aforementioned collected, and was like, you know, I could do that! If someone could pretend to be Jon Snow and beg for cuddles from, well, anyone really, and have over 6,000 followers, then I could probably do that, too.  I did about five seconds of research and realized that Jon needed a Sam, and since no one else was doing Sam, I decided to fill his oversized shoes.

(my secret #fakewesteros dream is to play another character, which I do not, sorry to say, people who think I am @jonBastSnow)

(and I’m not John Bradley West either, his tweets are brilliant on their own and he plays Sam in REAL LIFE better than anyone could have ever thought)

Samwell is pretty easy to RP.  He’s nervous, scarred, a huge coward, and hopelessly in love with Jon Snow (as far as I can see), but also has a very dry wit about him (in the show anyway).  Those traits are all easy things to play off of.  Everything else just fell into place.

In my own, real life, I am the opposite of Sam.  I’m smart, handsome, confident, built like an Olympic athlete and Jon Snow is hopelessly in
love with ME.

What are some of your best tweets? If you don’t want to go looking back, maybe then just give us a couple recent ones you liked.

Samwell Tarly: I’m much too lazy to tell you my favorite tweets, since I think they all are the pinnacle of high brow humor and I usually giggle like a school girl when I read them.  I like the ones about food, working in the rookery, and especially the jokes about old people, fat people, and blind people.  We can skip all the jokes about “where to put it.”

The best ones is where I interact with Sandor, Theon, Gregor, Hot Pie, etc.   Those #FW accounts (as well as many, many others) make it almost like a comedy show.  We should charge.

If Cersei tried to seduce you, would you be able to resist her charms?

Samwell Tarly: I took vows.

How are your fighting skills these days?

Samwell Tarly: I fight like I have sea lions where my arms are supposed to be.

Were you the one who coined the term #FakeWesteros?

Samwell Tarly: Why yes, that was me!  While I was no way the one who created the idea of twittering ASOIAF characters, I do think I was the first one to say #fakewesteros, which everyone hated at first until everyone started using it.  Which is cool.  I have a ledger here, and I’ve been tracking every time someone uses the phrase.  So if someone tweets #FakeWesteros, that someone know owes me a dollar per use.

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7 responses to “Twinter is Coming – Samwell Tarly

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  4. Nicely written Sam, I liked the way you joked about being in love with me, although as if anyone will believe that!

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