Character Summary – Bran Stark

We continue our Character Summary series with Day 5 on Bran Stark.

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Bran Stark is the fourth child of Eddard and Catelyn Stark.  He is an adventurous young boy who likes to explore and climb, and being a Stark, he is full of duty and strong will.  Unfortunately, his climbing days are cut short when he climbs up one tower wall to a window only to witness something he’s not supposed.  He is then pushed out of the window to be die.

He doesn’t die, but falls into a coma immediately after the fall.  Bran’s mother stays by his side, however, an assassination attempt is made against Bran while he is in the coma, but Catelyn fights off the assassin, risking her own life.  They are both saved by Bran’s direwolf when he comes in and rips the throat of the assassin.  Only when Catelyn decides to leave the town and go to the Lannisters to confront them of this assassination attempt does Bran finally wake.

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Knowing that he will never walk again, he wishes he were dead, but an act of kindness from Tyrion Lannister gives hope to the young Stark boy.  Tyrion has provided them blueprints on how to make a special saddle that allows Bran to ride a horse.  He is also taught how to work a bow on horseback as well.

Bran’s dreams develop into visions, so it seems, some of which consist of a three-eyed crow that tells him it can teach him to fly.  He also develops a special connection with his direwolf, which he names Summer.

After Robb decides to leave for King’s Landing after a situation arises, Bran is left in charge of Winterfell, thus becoming Prince of Winterfell.  And when Bran has another dream, this time of his father dying, he goes to the crypts and finds that his brother Rickon has had the same dream.  They are then told afterward that their father has died.

Some things that are interesting about Bran’s story that really hasn’t been developed too much in the show is him speaking with the crow and the crow telling him that he is a Winged Wolf, giving a little more info on his connection with his direwolf, Summer.  I’m hoping they develop this storyline more in the next season, but we shall see as there is much to be told from all sides.

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Bran is played by Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who is just great at portraying the adventurous Stark son.  I’m interested to see how his ability to portray Bran is given that Bran may have more to do in the upcoming season.  I’m not sure how or if they will delve further into the warg connection, but if they do, there will be more of Bran than just his disability.


3 responses to “Character Summary – Bran Stark

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  2. was there a connection between bran and the direwolf? i saw him wake up from his coma, when lord stark kill the direwolf “lady”. can it be that “lady” give bran her life when “lady” died?

  3. I wondered that Lady’s spirit enters Bran’s body at the moment of her death. Bran later has dreams and has a connection with wolves and their behavior in the God’s Wood in the books if I remember, but I didn’t get to finish them.

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