Game of Thrones Season 1: Episode 3 – ‘Lord Snow’

So far we’ve given you recaps of Episodes 1 and 2 from Season 1 as we prepare for the start of Season 2. Today, we add another Game of Thrones episode review, provided by our allies at

Below is an excerpt from the Season 1, Episode 3 review by’s owen Adam Spunberg. These were written immediately after the episodes aired, so you might enjoy the fresh perspective. You can read the FULL REVIEW by clicking HERE!

Picking up right where The Kingsroad (Episode 2) left off, Ned Stark is now at King’s Landing, Jon Snow is training for the Night’s Watch, and the Targaryens continue to move west with their Dothraki horsemen. These three main plot lines are weaved in and out artistically like a Bosch triptych, paced perfectly and transitioned with superlative skill. Because all three focal points are equally enthralling, the suspense roars in triple; the viewer desperately wants to know what will happen in one story arc, but does not mind shifting to another where the same eager feeling pervaded before. To make an analogy, it would be as if a reader pulled out his/her three favorite books and read them at the same time, shuffling from one to the next without disappointment. Thrones has been just THAT good!

There is plenty of scheming going on, with most characters embodying a lighter or shadier color on a gray spectrum, but one heroine has emerged as angelically white as Kate Middleton in a wedding dress: Arya Stark (Maisie Williams). The little, tomboyish daughter represents all of Ned Stark’s best qualities, with a little extra fire and grit. Think of a softer Mattie Ross from True Grit, with a profound understanding of the decaying world around her, and yet she also displays youthful exuberance and a great love for all things good. She does not just fight for good: she is goodness personified, capable of standing up to a sniveling prince and jumping into the arms of her loving, bastard half-brother. She can fight with a sword and make it seem like a “dance,” and then smile like a child who stumbles upon something magical. A wonder to behold, her character is developed in extraordinary fashion.

And then we have Daenerys Targaryen (played by Emilia Clarke), the silver-haired beauty who is now discovering the perks of her ill-begotten marriage. Her despicable brother may have forced her to wed the leader of the Dothraki, but she is finally finding her inner voice. We still don’t know what will come of her newfound influence, but her transformation from meek, emotionless subservient to I-am-worth-something force is beautiful to observe. Winter is coming, but Daenerys warms herself to Thrones fans every scene.

Lastly, we have Jon Snow (Kit Harington) in his plight to discover himself north of the wall, assisted by the ever-so-likable dwarf, Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage). Over the course of his career, Dinklage has played a number of intriguing characters (The Station Agent, for one), but he has really come into his own as the sharp-witted Lannister runt, scheming at something genius.

To read the full review at, go HERE!


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