Twinter is Coming – Sansa Stark

We are excited to provide you with our third installment in the ‘Twinter is Coming’ #fakewesteros series, continuing with the sometimes meek, sometimes foolish, but mostly well-intended Sansa Stark. Yeah, she wanted to marry Joffrey and be Queen. Do you think she would have done it if she knew he was this bad? Considering how much she suffers and how clever she is in her tweets, please clap for Sansa Stark as she approaches the stage!

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Part III: Sansa Stark
Part IV: Cersei Lannister
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Life with Joffrey must be kind of difficult. What’s the secret to getting by?

Sansa Stark: I confess, I’m starting to doubt the logistics of this “armour of courtesy” thing. It’s not as impenetrable as I was led to believe.

Life is difficult, but I’d like to keep living it, if I can. Every night Joffrey says to me “Good night, Sansa. Sleep well. I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.” It’s really rather off-putting. So I cover my bruises, smile, remember my courtesies … and try to avoid bumping into him whilst he’s holding his crossbow…

Do you miss Winterfell at all or is King’s Landing the place to be?

Sansa Stark: I thought King’s Landing was the place to be, when it was covered with brightly coloured banners and the blood of inexperienced hedge knights… but not now, no.

I miss Winterfell with every breath! Everything about it! I miss being awakened each dawn by Hodor cying “HODOR!” outside my window as soon as the sun was up, I miss Arya filling my shoes with cold pease, I miss Theon Greyjoy’s Wile E. Coyote style attempts to look up my dress … I miss not having to weave my hair into this towering monstrosity each morning.

Which #FakeWesteros people do you most enjoy interacting with??

Sansa Stark: @SuddenlySandor is my absolute favourite. I also love speaking to @AryaSheWolf, @THE_JOFF_, @Tyrion_Halfman, @TheSamwellTarly, @GregorPartyDude, @Theon_Greyjoy and @PrincesMyrcella … to name a few!

What are some of your best tweets? If you don’t want to go looking
back, maybe then just give us a couple recent ones you liked.

Sansa Stark:

You don’t seem to have much luck when it comes to matters of the heart. What can you tell us about that?

Sansa Stark: To be honest it’s been a downward spiral since Waymar Royce visited Winterfell. Handsome, brave, confident …and on his way to a celibate life at the Wall :-(. The less said about Joffrey the better.

Loras gave me a rose and then the old heave-ho. I suppose Jeyne Poole wasright when she said “Sansa, he’s just not that into you.” Perhaps I should give up on the idea of romantic love altogether? King Robert said something about me being happier with a dog…

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