Character Summary – Viserys Targaryen

Image by TendaLee

We continue with Day 7 of our Character Summary countdown with Viserys Targaryen, also known as The Beggar King.

Viserys was the second son of King Aerys II and Queen Rhaella Targaryen, and a brother to Daenerys Targaryen. Viserys and his sister escaped  from Westeros after Robert Baratheon led several other noble houses in rebellion against House Targaryen and seized the Iron Throne.

Planning to take his crown back, Viserys forced his sister to marry Khal Drogo in exchange for a Dothraki army. Daenerys was hesitant, but Viserys told her that it’s the only way that they could get their home back. Few days after his sister marrying Drogo, Viserys felt frustrated, he sold his sister to Drogo but Drogo hasn’t paid him back with his army.

Image by cabins

Viserys was too foolish and impatient, he forced Daenerys to persuade Drogo, but as Khaleesi, Daenerys started to stand for herself. Daenerys took his horse and let him walk, which it was very insulting for him. At Vaes Dothrak, Viserys was drunk, he insisted that Drogo give him his crown; he threatened Daenerys’ unborn child.

Drogo responded to him by announcing that he will give him his crown. He melted down his belt golden medallions and upends the pot over Viserys’s head, considered it as “crown.”

Despite Viserys’ treatment of his sister, Daenerys named her dragon Viserion in memory of her brother.

Image by bclara88

In the HBO series, Viserys is played by Harry Lloyd, a rather different looking person in real life, which is probably a good thing.  Interesting fact about Harry is that he is the great-great-great grandson of classic author Charles Dickens, so his artistic skills run deep in the family.  His portrayal of yet another young man claiming his rightful place to the thrown was brilliant.  His temper tantrum at the end was not overly done and in fact was pretty much perfect for the end of his sadistic, pitiful life.  Harry Lloyd’s screaming ability still echoes in my head.


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