Twinter is Coming – Cersei Lannister

We are thrilled to deliver you our fourth portion in the ‘Twinter is Coming’ #fakewesteros series, which has been immensely exciting to post. The interview answers so far have been absolutely hilarious, so give a ton of credit to the personalities behind these #fakewesteros accounts.

Queen Cersei Lannister may seem nasty at times, and you may not agree with her sexual appetites, but she’s also a woman who hoped to be loved and was treated miserably by her husband, King Robert Baratheon. She also tweets and talks with a biting satire, so raise your glasses to the woman nobody would want to mess with, Cersei Lannister!

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Part I: Samwell Tarly
Part II: Tyrion Lannister
Part III: Sansa Stark
Part IV: Cersei Lannister
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Did you ever, in the course of sleeping with your brother, consider whether it might be a little wrong?

Cersei Lannister: There is nothing wrong with having the best. If your family comes from dirt and/or is regarded as a powerless, mud-farming family of the secondary-character, sideshow variety (eg: the Tullys), then I could see incest being a disgusting abomination. But when you are a LANNISTER, you are the best, and you need to be with the best — therefore, other Lannisters (not Tyrion). As it stands, there is no one who is my equal. Jaime is as close as I can get. If you think it’s wrong, then your opinion doesn’t matter. And you can always be executed.

Did you respect Ned Stark as a character, and could you ever come to peace with his deceased sister?

Cersei Lannister: I blame Ned Stark for his own death. I have no respect for slow-moving creatures who try to play with Lions and wind up getting hurt. As for dear Lyanna, I have nothing against useless, rural sluts who only get by on their looks. I wish her the best in her future endeavors.

Who are your favorite people to tweet among the #FakeWesteros people? Who’s the funniest?

Cersei Lannister: @Tyrion_Halfman is insightful and appropriately pathetic. I want to kill him most of the time, and one day, after I’ve hacked his account and laid waste to all he holds dear, I will. I am somewhat sentimental about all my little Twars and abuse-hurling friends. @Lady_Margaery tries again and again to foil me, but seriously, that shemale has no idea who she’s messing with. @GregorPartyDude is one of the sickest SOBs you ever will meet on Twitter — his ease of violence and appreciation for the truly bane makes me laugh.

But by far the highlight of the Twitterscape are the fans, my Lannister loyalists. They think I am always right, and that makes them correct.

How crushed were you when Robert Baratheon met his end?

Cersei Lannister: I wore my celebration panties to his funeral. Does that answer your question?

What are some of your sauciest tweets? If you don’t want to go looking back, maybe then just give us a couple recent ones you liked.

Cersei Lannister: 

“First rule of Incest Club – you do not talk about Incest Club.”

“A princess waits for rescue. A real woman saves her own damn self.”

“All in favor of excessive male nudity in Season 2, say AYE #GameOfThrones”

“I want what every woman wants: chocolate, good sex, and to watch my enemies suffer.”

“The #GameOfThrones theme park should have rides on which you think you’re gonna die, but you don’t. And then you do.”

“God grant me the serenity to accept those I cannot kill, the courage to kill the ones I can, and the balls to ignore the difference.”

Most importantly: “If you can`t be rich, at least be interesting. And if you can`t be interesting, at least be QUIET.”

FOLLOW Cersei Lannister here: @Queen_Cersei


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