Character Summary – Robert Baratheon

Image by DubuGomdori


Day 11 brings us the King, Robert Baratheon.

Robert was orphaned when his parents died in a shipwreck.  He thus was raised by Lord Jon Arryn, along with Eddard Stark.  They became fast friends. He was betrothed to Lyanna Stark, Eddard’s sister.  Unfortunately, the marriage did not come about because Rhaegar Targaryen kidnapped Lyanna.  When they went to war against the Targaryen’s, Rhaegar was killed, however, so was Lyanna.

When Robert took the Iron Throne, he married Cersei Lannister to bring stability to the kingdom.  Robert accidentally called Cersei by Lyanna’s name, and thus began Cersei’s disgust and hatred towards Robert.

Robert wisely appointed Jon Arryn as Hand of the King.  Jon and Robert’s brother, Stannis, helped keep the Seven Kingdoms together, while Robert pretty much drank, ate, hunted, and whored during his time as King.  Because of this, he became a very overweight man.

Unfortunately, his reign suffered financially, leaving the crown in debt of millions.  He also had many bastard children due to his frequent whoring.

When Jon Arryn died, Robert requested Eddard to take over as Hand of the King, which Eddard accepted hesitantly.

When Robert found out that Daenerys Targaryen was pregnant, his grudge against the Targaryens had not been sated in the least, and he demanded that Eddard agree with him to have Daenerys killed.  When Eddard refused and resigned his post as Hand, it was only when Eddard was injured that Robert went back to him and made him take his post again, threatening to appoint Jaime Lannister the position if Eddard did not take it back.

Image by Tasty-Crayon

During one of Robert’s hunts, he had been given a very strong wine by his squire, something that was planned by Cersei.  He had gotten so inebriated from the wine, that he missed his mark on a boar, and the boar charged him, gravely injuring him.

The party brought Robert back, still alive, but just only long enough for him to have Eddard Stark write up a will putting “Joffrey” on the throne. However, Eddard put “trueborn heir” instead.

Robert died soon after and Joffrey was put on the throne, with the will, torn up by Cersei Lannister.

Robert Baratheon, although a good friend of Eddard, was a pig.  The fact that he was king only serves as a reminder that kings can be the most flawed people, despite being taken under the care of a caring foster father, Jon Arryn, and an honorable friend, Eddard Stark.  His drinking, whoring, spending and eating brought about his downfall.  Even he knew he wasn’t fit to rule, but he did.  At least he knew that his death or resignment would allow Joffrey to be king, and he didn’t want that.  Only when he was dying did he feel he had no choice.

Image by ReneAigner

Mark Addy played the role of Robert Baratheon.  What’s interesting is that when I saw the King for the first time, I thought I recognized who it was, but it wasn’t until I looked him up did I remember him from another, not-quite-dark-somewhat-musical movie called A Knight’s Tale.  I was surprised, but in a good way.  He’s been in some other semi-memorable movies:  The Full Monty, The Time Machine, and Robin Hood to name some recognizable ones.  He seems to usually play the kind-hearted big guy, so it was really cool to see him play such a louse in this series.

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