Set photos from Games of Thrones season 3

Here are some of the first photos from the Riverrun set of Game of Thrones next season.

From Science

If you follow the series and/or have read the book series by George R. R. Martin, then you already know Riverrun is where House Tully calls home in Westeros and where Catelyn Stark originally came from before marrying Ned Stark and moving to Winterfell. The house insignia is a leaping trout accompanied by blue and red colors with the motto “Family, Duty, Honor.”

The set looks as impressive as the show! And speaking of impressive, Season 3 will be bringing in a whole new set of characters in the mix including Catelyn’s uncle Brynden (aka Blackfish) and Catelyn’s brother Edmure

We’ve still got a decent wait until season 3 commences, but these photos are getting us excited to see just how Riverrun is going to look on screen.

Source: HBO Watch via Science


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