House Stark: Winter is Coming

Fan art of the Starks; Eddard, Catelyn, Sansa, Jon, Bran, Arya, Rickon and Robb.

Stark fan art

Stark fan art


VIDEO: Inside Episode 15

Take a look into the minds behind the HBO series as they discuss the characters during Episode 15.

Character Summary – Robb Stark

Image by Riavel

We are down to our final summaries, one of them being on Robb Stark, The Young Wolf.

Robb is the eldest child and son of Eddard and Catelyn Stark and is heir to Winterfell and the North.  He gets along well with all of his siblings, including his bastard half-brother, Jon Snow.

Robb also had a friendly relationship with his father’s ward, Theon Greyjoy, who considered him as somewhat of a younger brother.

When Jon convinces Eddard to keep a pack of direwolf pups for each of the Stark children, Robb names his Grey Wind.

Robb’s relations with the Lannisters already starts off bad when he spars with Joffrey Baratheon using wooden swords, and Joffrey then insults him when he challenges him to spar with live steel.

Once Eddard accepts the role of Hand of the King, Robb takes his father’s stead as Lord of Winterfell. When Catelyn suspects that the Lannisters are somehow responsible for Bran’s accident, she confides in him along with others that she trusts and leaves Winterfell to leave Robb solely in charge while she goes to tell Eddard of her suspicions.

When Bran wakes, Robb is the one to confirm to Bran that his injury is permanent.

Image by VVjonez

Tyrion provides blueprints for a special saddle for Bran to ride horses, Robb and Theon accompany him in the forest for his first ride.  Although Theon is able to kill most of the wildlings that attack Bran while he is riding in an attempt to steal the horse and his possessions, Robb is angered by Theon’s actions endanger Bran.

Theon did try to convince Robb before Bran’s attack that he should forge an army against the Lannisters for their suspected involvement in Bran’s accident.  Only when Eddard is captured for treason, and receives a letter from his sister Sansa, who he suspects was manipulated by Cersei, does he finally start gathering men for war.

He and his army meet up with his mother on their way south, and they form a strategy.  The strategy involves them going through a river that a Lord Walder Frey is in charge of, so Catelyn bargains with him by having Robb and Arya be betrothed to two of Frey’s children.  Robb agrees, knowing that Frey’s children may not be quite the woman he would have any attraction towards, especially since Frey is not the best looking person and he has never seen his children.

The strategy comes as a success as Robb divides his army, leaving 2000 of them as a distraction against Tywin Lannister’s army, with the rest of his army attacking and winning against Jaime Lannister’s army, holding Jaime prisoner.

Image by nami86

After Eddard’s execution, Robb grieves briefly for him before his mother begins counsel on his, reminding him that he needs to rescue his sisters from the Lannisters, believing they are both held capture by them.  They consider which Baratheon to support over claim of the Iron Throne, Renly or Stannis, Lord Greatjon Umber convinces them to fight for Northern Independence and Robb’s army agrees, including Theon, proclaiming Robb as “King of the North.”

Robb Stark is played by Richard Madden.  Before Game of Thrones, he appeared in several UK shows, but this series has made him known internationally.  At first I wasn’t sure what to think of him or his character, but he started growing on me halfway through the season.  Of course, that’s probably because he doesn’t figure too prominently until later in the series anyway.  I have no complaints of his portrayal of Robb Stark, and I hope that he continues to make a mark for himself in the upcoming season.

Character Summary – Tyrion Lannister

Image by Andretapol

We are going to try to do double duty and send you one of two character summaries, first one up is on Tyrion Lannister, aka  The Imp.

Tyrion is the youngest child of Tywin and Joanna Lannister, and brother to twins Cersei and Jaime.

Because Tyrion is a dwarf, he has also been nicknamed the Imp or the Halfman.  However.  Because of his deformity, he is not really respected or loved by his father, or his sister.  Also, it didn’t help that his mother died giving birth to him, as they put the blame on him for her death.  However, due to their rejection of him and his size, Jaime seems much more willing to accept him and even sincerely cares for his little brother.

Jaime even arranged a “chance meeting” with an attempted rape victim, whom Tyrion fell in love with and married, only to find out by his father that she was hired by Jaime because he wanted Tyrion to be happy.  Tywin paid the prostitute a silver coin for every guard she had sex with and and made Tyrion watch.  For this reason, he vows to never marry or have a lover, and thus only beds with prostitutes.

Tyrion is perceptive, shrewd, and definitely has a soft spot for those who are mistreated, misunderstood, and outcast.  Even though his size causes problems and persecution for him at times, it is mitigated by his family-wealth, social standing, and his intellect, which he has much of.

Image by MCF

In the beginning of the series, we see him befriend Jon Snow, Eddard Stark’s bastard son, because he feels he has a kinship with him.  He states to Jon that “All dwarfs are bastards in their father’s eyes”.  This friendship continues as he joins the Night’s Watch recruits as they travel to The Wall, and even promises Jon that he will help Bran, who is paralyzed from the waist down, as he did Jon by helping him find his identity.  When Tyrion arrives in Winterfell, he offers Bran the blueprints for a saddle that will allow him to ride a horse.

His compassion isn’t met with caring eyes when goes on his way back to King’s Landing.  He comes across Catelyn Stark on his way to King’s Landing, and finds himself in a pickle when she accuses him of attempting to kill Bran.  When they travel to Catelyn’s sister’s land, they are assaulted, and Tyrion actually ends up saving Catelyn’s life, however, they still take him to Eyrie for trial.  Catelyn’s sister also accuses him of killing her husband, Lord Jon Arryn.  Luckily, his life is saved when someone literally fights in his place and wins.

He realizes that maybe his siblings had something to do with both Jon Arryn’s death and Bran’s fall.

When Tyrion finally reaches his father, who has invaded the Riverlands due to Tyrion’s capture.  Tywin takes this as an opportunity to claim the Iron Throne now, and has Tyrion and his troops battle against some Stark forces in the Battle of Green Fork.  They win, but that battle was actually only a diversion to another battle that was lost to them, in which Jaime Lannister is now held captive.

Image by SweetCandyRain

Tywin retreats and has Tyrion go back to King’s Landing as Hand of the King for Joffrey Baratheon, Tyrion’s nephew, basically to prevent the boy from making things worse after Joffrey had Eddard Stark beheaded.  Interesting and entertaining little tidbit is that Tyrion may seem to be the one to have a major affect on Joffrey, since he has no fear of slapping the boy, as he did thrice when Joffrey vocally refused to his uncle that doesn’t care to pay his respects to the Stark family after Bran’s fall.

Yeah, I like this character a lot.

Tyrion is played by Peter Dinklage, one we should all admire.  He has a fine list of movie and television credits to his name, including The Station Agent, Elf, Nip/Tuck, Death at a Funeral (brilliant in both versions!), and Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.  He won the Satellite, Golden Globe, and Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Tyrion Lannister, which was well deserved.  This guy is an amazing actor and it seems that the role of Tyrion was just meant for him to play.

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Character Summary – Bran Stark

We continue our Character Summary series with Day 5 on Bran Stark.

Image by bramble1031

Bran Stark is the fourth child of Eddard and Catelyn Stark.  He is an adventurous young boy who likes to explore and climb, and being a Stark, he is full of duty and strong will.  Unfortunately, his climbing days are cut short when he climbs up one tower wall to a window only to witness something he’s not supposed.  He is then pushed out of the window to be die.

He doesn’t die, but falls into a coma immediately after the fall.  Bran’s mother stays by his side, however, an assassination attempt is made against Bran while he is in the coma, but Catelyn fights off the assassin, risking her own life.  They are both saved by Bran’s direwolf when he comes in and rips the throat of the assassin.  Only when Catelyn decides to leave the town and go to the Lannisters to confront them of this assassination attempt does Bran finally wake.

Image by Teilku

Knowing that he will never walk again, he wishes he were dead, but an act of kindness from Tyrion Lannister gives hope to the young Stark boy.  Tyrion has provided them blueprints on how to make a special saddle that allows Bran to ride a horse.  He is also taught how to work a bow on horseback as well.

Bran’s dreams develop into visions, so it seems, some of which consist of a three-eyed crow that tells him it can teach him to fly.  He also develops a special connection with his direwolf, which he names Summer.

After Robb decides to leave for King’s Landing after a situation arises, Bran is left in charge of Winterfell, thus becoming Prince of Winterfell.  And when Bran has another dream, this time of his father dying, he goes to the crypts and finds that his brother Rickon has had the same dream.  They are then told afterward that their father has died.

Some things that are interesting about Bran’s story that really hasn’t been developed too much in the show is him speaking with the crow and the crow telling him that he is a Winged Wolf, giving a little more info on his connection with his direwolf, Summer.  I’m hoping they develop this storyline more in the next season, but we shall see as there is much to be told from all sides.

Image by ArgosArt

Bran is played by Isaac Hempstead-Wright, who is just great at portraying the adventurous Stark son.  I’m interested to see how his ability to portray Bran is given that Bran may have more to do in the upcoming season.  I’m not sure how or if they will delve further into the warg connection, but if they do, there will be more of Bran than just his disability.

Character Summary – Theon Greyjoy

Image by Ammotu

We continue on Day 2 of our Character Summaries and Countdown to the Season 2 premiere of A Game of Thrones with Theon Greyjoy.

Theon Greyjoy, son of Balon Greyjoy, became ward of Eddard Stark after he was taken hostage after the Greyjoy Rebellion, which took place before the start of the when the series takes place.  He became the only surviving son of Balon after the rebellion as well, making him the heir to his house. Despite being a hostage, he seems to have been well looked after in the Stark house and was taught and trained with the Stark children.  He thus became a very close friend of Robb Stark, but not so much with Jon Snow.   He even assumed the position of Hand during Ned Stark’s absence.

He apparently is very good with a bow and arrows.  He was able to use his ability to save Bran Stark’s life during an encounter with some wildings (outsiders) in the woods, but was reprimanded by Robb for his carelessness, seeing as Theon’s arrow could’ve also killed Bran in the process.

Image by Feliciacano

Theon is quite the arrogant one, often commenting to others (not the Starks, of course) of his rightful place as heir to the throne of the Greyjoy House.  He’s considered a very handsome man and definitely has a strong sexual appetite, even trying to make advances towards Osha, one of the wildings that attacked Bran and the only wildling left alive.

In the Season 1 finale, he claims has become even more loyal to Robb Stark, proclaiming him along with the other followers as “King of the North.”

Alfie Allen plays Theon Greyjoy on the show.  You can see he understands the character as a bit of a pompous boy trying to make a name for himself, yet feeling a bit out of place.  You kind of feel sorry for him at times, until he starts off on one of his rants about his lineage and his little arguments with Jon Snow, whom, he probably takes his character to think of as someone in a worse position than himself, someone beneath him because there is no place in the Stark House for a bastard son.  Alfie has done a fine job so far with Theon – allowing me to like some traits about him as much as I don’t like other traits about him.

Image by Nachan

What do you think about Theon?  Comment below.





Game of Thrones Season 1: Episode 2 – ‘The Kingsroad’

We continue our countdown to Season 2 of Game of Thrones by reviewing each episode from Season 1, thanks to our good pals at

Here’s an excerpt from the Season 1, Episode 2 review by Bryce Van Kooten. These were written immediately after the episodes aired, so you might enjoy the fresh perspective. You can read the FULL REVIEW by clicking HERE!

Game of Thrones hasn’t had a single bad episode in its run. Granted, we’re at two, but nevertheless, its one of the most enjoyable and most intricate new shows on television (basic or cable).  If you haven’t seen it, (and you’re into well-made, utterly-epic renditions of medieval, relic storytelling) you’re going to want to check it out.

Last night’s episode, entitled “The Kingsroad” took off right where the pilot left us — Bran’s fate remained in doubt after his accident on the ramparts and Daenerys (after being pledged to the massive warrior king, Drogo) sought refuge in her maidservants in an attempt to learn how to live (and please) her newfound husband. Meanwhile, back at Winterfell, Ned (Sean Bean) continues to make good on his promise to serve as the King’s Hand taking his daughters Sansa and Arya with him and it’s only a matter of time before tempers run high and teenagers start acting like teenagers. Ah, and the Dire Wolves, can’t forget about the Dire Wolves.

I have to admit, I was fairly worried about tonight’s episode – the pilot was terrific and the drama built within the final moments drew in even the most cynical viewer so I thought that feeling alone would make Episode One tough to beat. Though, Game of Thrones delivered. They gave us a glimpse at a few razor-edge characters (The Dire Wolves turned out to be good and the youngest Lannister Prince turned out to be a real wuss … er, bad. I meant to say bad).

Depending on the direction they take the show, The Kingsroad gave us a GREAT platform to jump into the remainder of the season. Personally, I could hang out all day at The Wall all day long. And now, with Jon Snow (the bastard son of Ned Winterfell) heading north to take his lifelong oath to become a part of the Night’s Watch, it seems like it won’t be long until we get to find out a few of the mysterious surrounding this great enigma. The Wall is a bit like Game of Thrones’ Smoke Monster, right? My mind immediately starts to theorize whenever its discussed and the added benefit of the White Walkers and the lifelong oath and the fact that winter seems to kill dozen of people each year only add to The Wall’s mystery. Brilliant.

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