Deleted Scenes From Game Of Thrones Season 2

Deleted scenes from season 2 have surfaced in the wake of yesterday’s DVD release, and you can watch them all below!





VIDEO: Inside Episode 15

Take a look into the minds behind the HBO series as they discuss the characters during Episode 15.

Margaery Fan Art

Brilliant artist AliceXZ has created another Game of Thrones masterpiece!

Art by AliceXZ

If you are a fan of Game of Thrones and you love art, then keep updated with her art at DeviantArt.

Renly Baratheon Kisses Margaery Tyrell

Here’s a pretty hilarious meme, which comes courtesy of @Tyrion_Halfman on Twitter (we interviewed him HERE!)

This refers to Renly’s dilemma in Episode 3 of Season 2. His preference and feelings are clearly for Loras Tyrell (as is his orientation for me), which leads to this awkward encounter with Loras’ sister Margaery. Fortunately for King Renly, Margaery knows all about it and is willing to work through his discomfort.

VIDEO: Character Featurette – Renly Baratheon

A closer look at Renly in the HBO series:


VIDEO: New Faces of Season 2

Excited about the upcoming season?  Want to know more about some of the new characters?  Well, here’s a video of what to expect from them.

:32 – Stannis Baratheon

1:24 – Ser Davos Seaworth

2:07 – Melisandre Baratheon

2:38 – Margaery Tyrell

3:53 – Qhorin Halfhand

5:06 – Balon Greyjoy