Game of Thrones Parody – Royals by Daenerys

One of our readers, Kate, alerted us to this great parody video she made.  It’s  a very Daenerys-centric version of the song Royals by LORDE–enjoy!


A big thansk to Kate for sharing this with us!


Video: Game of Thrones Parody–“A Character I used To Know”

This is one of the best, and truest, Game of Thrones parody videos I’ve watched in a while. Not Literally bring us this video based on the deaths in season one, set to a their own version of  Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know.  What makes this so funny is the fact that it is true!  Warning: there be spoilers ahead!

I’d love to see what their season 3 version of this would be–let’s hope they make one!


Game of Thrones Ultimate Birthday Rap Battle

What would happen if the characters from Game of Thrones showed up at a 10 year old’s birthday party to throw down a rap battle?? This NSWF (but well executed) video is what!

School of Thrones Episode 3: Targaryen Burn

The third episode, and season finale, of School of Thrones is here!

School of Thrones Episode 2: Sexposition

It’s Sunday so that means the latest episode of School of Thrones is available for your viewing pleasure!


Anyone else think the actor portraying Mr. Baelish in this episode sounds and looks A LOT like Lord Baelish from the actual tv series?!

School of Thrones Episode 1: Prom Night is Coming

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to see your favorite Game of Thrones characters in high school, you will want to watch this! School of Thrones is a new, weekly show airing on YouTube.  Check out the first episode now and come back next week for episode two!

For more information on about School of Thrones, check out the official Facebook Page and YouTube Channel

Hilarious Spoof of ‘Game Of Thrones’ as a CW Drama

This is really funny!  If you’ve ever wondered what Game of Thrones would be like if it were a CW show oozing with teenage drama, wonder no more. The question is, can you handle all the forbidden romance and secret desires?