First Look at Game of Thrones Season 3 to Debut Sunday Night

You might want to free your schedule up around 8:54 pm EST tomorrow!

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HBO has let us know that a new “In Production” featurette will air tomorrow night at 8:54 P.M. Eastern Time, prior to the finale of Boardwalk Empire. The Game of Thrones: In Production video will feature “interviews with the creators, cast and more,” providing our first official look at season three and at some of its new characters!

After the first look airs on HBO, it will be available online at Making Game of Thrones, as well as and Game of Thrones‘s youtube channel.


Vote for Best Actor at WinterIsComing.Net

If you weren’t aware, WinterIsComing.Net has been hosting their own awards, and they’re wrapping it up with Best Actor. Should it be Peter Dinklage (remember, he was absolutely EPIC in “Blackwater”), or maybe Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister?

Here it is. The final category for season two’s WiCnet Awards. Who was the best actor of the season?

To vote, go HERE!

George R R Martin talks Game of Thrones season three and Mance Rayder at Worldcon

George R.R. Martin answered questions at Worldcon on Saturday concerning the upcoming season of  Games of Thrones and Mance Rayder.  The panel was led by Maureen Ryan and Peter Sagal, you can find a podcast of the discussion by clicking here.



The panel covers a multitude of topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Regarding Mance Rayder, Martin sees him as roughly the age equivalent of Qhorin Halfhand. He mentions that Mance has gray hair and is “not a young man,” and is happy with the casting of Ciarán Hinds. He’s also pleased with the casting of Diana Rigg as the Queen of Thorns and has fond memories of her in The Avengers.

Martin admits he doesn’t always have everything plotted and planned out ahead of time, referring to himself as a “much more of a gardener than an architect.” He confirms that he knows how the series will end, and what the fate of all the major characters will be.

The characters he is most at home writing are Tyrion and Arya.
When asked about the changing of the House of the Undying on the show, George says, “Sooner or later, they will have to deal with Rhaegar and Lyanna and the Mad King.” He acknowledges the practical aspects of the adaptation, and that showing prophecies may cause issues down the road if a character or part of a storyline has to be moved or changed. That isn’t an issue for George when writing a book but it is on a TV show.

He cites Sean Bean, Peter Dinklage, Lena Headey, Gwendoline Christie, Conleth Hill, and “the kids” as being his favorite portrayals of his characters. He is very happy with the actors in general on the show.
The show did audition some younger actresses for the role of Margaery but Natalie Dormer was “fantastic,” and he loves the casting choice.

Martin acknowledges that Shae is very different than the character in the books and that initially he didn’t like the change much, but that in the second season he came to really like her.

He also says that Talisa is not the same character as Robb’s wife in the books, she is not the daughter of a Lannister bannerman, and she is not just a version of “Jeyne.” He is the one who suggested changing her name because Jeyne is not a Volantene name.

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LeBron James sits upon the Iron Throne

Check out what ESPN had up on their main page!  This image of LeBron James sitting on the Iron Throne accompanies ESPN’s second batch of Game of Thrones quotes handed out as awards which you can find HERE.

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Game of Thrones up for Outstanding Drama Series, Supporting Actor Emmys

Today nominees for the 64th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards were announced and Game of Thrones is nominated for Outstanding Drama Series and Peter Dinklage got a best Supporting Actor nod for his portrayal of Tyrion Lannister!  See list of nominations below courtesy of!


Outstanding Drama Series

Supporting Actor (Drama): Peter Dinklage

Art Direction (Single camera): Garden of Bones, The Ghost of Harrenhal, A Man Without Honor

Casting: Nina Gold and Robert Stearne

Costumes (Series): The Prince of Winterfell

Hairstyling (Single camera): The Old Gods and the New

Non-Prosthetic Makeup (Single camera): The Old Gods and the New

Prosthetic Makeup (Series): Valar Morghulis

Sound Editing (Series): Blackwater

Sound Mixing (Series): Blackwater

Special Visual Effects: Valar Morghulis

Creative Achievement in Interactive Media: Game of Thrones Season Two – Enhanced Digital Experience


The Emmys will air on September 23 on ABC.  The complete list of all nominees can be found at the official Emmys site.

HBO Releases Game of Thrones Weapons Video

Season 2 is looking pretty extraordinary, and that means everything will be in grand scale — including weapons. More characters, more lands, more fighting, means more weapons to fight with.

This video comes courtesy of the fantastic site,